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Thinking Processes
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Sorting it out 4 R. Boston Workbook Understanding the problem (Guidelines are included for your use) 1) Choose one existing issue from your area of responsibility.       a) Something that irritates you the most;       b) It adversely affects your ability to achieve goal      c) It occurs frequently 2) Analyze it    a) Write a brief description of your issue; make sure the description does not blame anyone. I have written a brief from what I could understand – you may use this as a starting point. I have also taken the liberty to write it from the Welders’ perspective. You may use any participants’ perspective – and modify accordingly. "For a correct weldment, we require the correct fixture, and we require material to perform correctly. However due to variations in material and/or fixture, sometimes we see some friction originating from incidences of an unacceptable weldment. In order the get the right weldment, the welders "tweak” the fixtures. b) Write a clear & concise definition of the Un-Desirable Effect (UDE) Frequently, there is friction between the welders and the people responsible for the fixtures. "    b) Write down the UDE in the form of a conflict cloud by answering the following questions  (and my attempt at the answer)          1. What need is hurt due to issue? - Correct weldment          2. What actions are you forced to take? - Tweak the fixture          3. What other need is at risk? - Harmonious relations          4. What actions would you like to take? - Do not tweak the fixture          5. What is the common objective? - Sustained good performance (or anything else) You may want to put it in the five boxes format - just use the MS Word format that I used for easier editing.  (File attached) Hope this helps. I would be happy to help more, if required.  
by M. Agarwal
Wednesday, November 9, 2011